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倍数: 3 x-9 x
视野 6 的领域-2 o
在 1000 m 100-70 m 的视野领域
物      镜 24 毫米
出瞳直接:72 毫米
直     径: 3.9-2.6 毫米
屈光调节: +3/-3
实用类型:SKS/ SVD
电      池:1.5 V(AA)
操作温度:+50 到 -50 oC
尺     寸:410 x113x72 毫米
重     量:0.7 公斤


Magnification 3x-9x
Field of View 6-2o
Field of View at 1000 m 100-70 m
Objective Aperture 24 mm
Eye Relief 72 mm
Eye Relief Diameter 3.9-2.6 mm
Independent Focus +3/-3
Nitrogen Purged Yes
Waterproof Yes
Reticle 1000 m
Rangefinding Capability Yes
Illuminated Reticle Red
Mount Type SKS/SVD
Power Source 1.5V (AA)
Operating Temperature +50 to -50oC
Overall Dimensions 410x113x72 mm
Weight .7 kg

详细说明:3-9倍x24口径,Tigr w/1000显示距离来复枪,SKS/ SVD版本。在俄国制造并且是以它的优秀质量而闻名于世。PSO 依靠优秀的质量和对远距离射击的精确性而从 POSP 扬名。它是目前军用的,为红军制造的。具有卓越的平滑内部构造使放大倍数从3倍到9倍。对于长距离和多用途射击的需求,它是优良的选择。PSO3-9 x24夜视仪有一层镁合金体涂层,完全涂在仪器表面。它可以使你在远距离射杀目标,还可以在一定区域内跟踪和观察情况,远距离的观察效果非常清晰。配备有双重十字线,使用以高度为基础的范围探测,非常高效实用,并且具有两种等级模式,专门适用于站立和匍匐两种姿态。此夜视仪在广大距离内为对准目标点提供了1000、1100和1200米三个转换档。刻度的范围是根据比对等同于所有MOA而测量出来的,所以所有PSO型号的夜视仪都能有效地被装配在任何设备的口径中。PSO的特色在于具有一个光亮红色十字线,在傍晚的条件下也能观测精准。由一个简单的两极管提供十字线的亮度。此夜视仪配备有红色十字线,但也可以改变十字线的颜色,如有蓝色、白色、黄色和绿色的两极管可供购买。显示器的独特设计可以对侧面和角度进行快速轻松的调整,因此你总是能停留对准在零位点。

此款夜视仪具有专业基础特性:高品质通透性的光学水晶玻璃;在其中充满了氮气以防止镜片被雾化而变得模糊;采用非常高的分辨率光学玻璃,大大增强了仪器对于光线的采集和影像的识别程度,能够适应最为恶劣的环境。他由防水材料制成,并能适应任何的气候条件。它带有高质量千分规格的装置,穿透漆黑幽暗的环境,把事物清晰地呈现给使用者,而且在显示的画面中还带有一些附加功能,如快速展开、扩充遮阳伞等。如果你想要一款具有出众的外观,拥有真正军用显示性能以及具有舒适安全的操作性能的夜视仪,这是你的最好选择。他配有一节标准的AA电池。它能轻松地装配到任何一个带SVD滑槽的装置上,如SVD、SKS 、NDM-96 、Russian Tigr、 Romak-3、SSG-97和PSL。另外,在全球任何一家滑槽部件商店中,均可买到适合安装本产品的滑槽。PSO依然可以完美的使用在.308的设备上,但需要更长范围的十字线,已完全发挥设备的使用性能。 


PSO 3-9x24 Tigr w/ 1000 Meter Rangefinder Rifle Scope, SKS/SVD Version The PSO series manufactured in Russia and is world famous for its quality. The PSO distinguishes itself from the POSP by being of greater quality and more accurate for long range shooting, it is current military issue for the Red Army. Boasting a smooth pancreatic zoom range of 3x-9x, it is an excellent choice for long range and variable shooting. The PSO 3-9x24 has a magnesium alloy body and fully multicoated optics. A great assault weapon scope with an illuminated reticule grid, it allows you to determine kill distance as well as to track and observe game in the field. The military reticle has an extremely effective and useful height-based rangefinder for dual use, with graduated scales for both standing and prone figure estimation. It includes extended distance inverted chevrons providing aiming points for 1000, 1100, and 1200 meters. Since the range calibrations are measured in equal amounts of MOA, all versions of the PSO can be used effectively with any caliber of weapon. The PSO features a red illuminated reticle which allows you to make perfect kill shots in dusk conditions. Illumination is provided by a simple diode. We have red, blue, white, yellow and green diodes available for purchase which allow you to change the color of the reticle when illuminated. The special design of the scope allows for both lateral and angular adjustments quickly and easily so you always stay zeroed in. It features professionally ground, crystal clear optics, nitrogen filling to prevent lens fogging, and very high resolution glass for improved light gathering and image recognition under the most severe conditions. It is waterproof and can be used in any climate condition. It comes with a high quality mil-spec dark gray hammer finish, and comes with everything shown in the picture including an attached, quick-deploy, extendable sunshade. If you want the look and performance of a true military scope and place a premium on shooting comfort, this is your best choice. It is powered by a standard AA battery. It can be easily mounted to any automatic weapon with an SVD-style side rail such as the SVD, SKS, NDM-96, Russian Tigr, Romak-3, SSG-97 and PSL rifles. Additionally, it will fit any of our universal side rails sold in the Side Rails section. The PSO is also perfect for use on the .308 caliber rifles which require longer range reticles to make full use of their capabilities.




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